Light touch consultancy

Are aspects of your operation overdue for a review, creating risk? Do you have a strategic problem to solve, but everyone’s busy delivering front line services?

Try our light-touch consultancy service. Within days you will have straight-forward recommendations for solving your problem. You get the full benefits of a consultant’s expertise to address your concerns, in a cost-effective way. The package includes:

  • Two days’ consultancy; identifying the problem, understanding your particular issues and the context within which you are operating, interviews & desk research
  • Relevant systems and policies benchmarked against sector best practice
  • A full report & recommendations for further action

Details of the cost of this service can be found here.

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You know what your organisation needs, but we have ideas for addressing some common problems:

Governance MOT: How effective is your trustee board? Does the annual planning cycle direct and enhance the front-line services? Do you have the people & skills you need on the board?

Training programme review: Have your volunteer training courses kept up with the times? Does your induction reflect your strategic aims? Are you taking advantage of the economies offered by new technology?

Risk review: Is your risk management strategy up to date, does it include your latest projects? Does it take into account the risks and opportunities of ever-changing ICT? Should you have a business contingency plan?

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