Franklin Hart Consultancy offer a range of practical resources to help managers, trustees and other key volunteers and staff to deal with some of the big challenges which are affecting charities in the current climate.


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We have produced an in-depth questionnaire which will help you to identify areas of your organisation which need work. Each of the five elements of change proofing™ has a series of templates and guidance on ways of working. For more details click here. We also provide all the handouts in a handy Word document & a model risk analysis.

Free materials:

Please feel free to download these handy guides. Each will help you to start thinking through the issues.

Volunteer training programmes
Covers the process of developing or re-evaluating your training programme. Available in pdf.

Managing organisational change
Looks at the process of managing change and how to mitigate the effects of it. Available in pdf.

Managing projects
Outlines how structured initiatives can be managed effectively alongside a busy operation. Available in pdf.

Are there any other topics you can think of where a taster guide like this would be useful? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below.


BBC Breakfast appearance: In June 2011, Caro Hart undertook a week’s isolation to  publicise the cause of social isolation suffered by many older people. Caro appeared on BBC Breakfast on Sunday July 3rd with Richard Furze, CE of charity Friends of the Elderly to talk about the issues. That interview can be seen hereShe also made a daily blog detailing her experiences and how the use of “empathy aids” which simulated arthritis, deafness or being partially sighted, made her feel. Please see the blogs, here.

A Royal Visit: Franklin-Hart is currently working out of the My Incubator business start-up unit at WENTA.  Caro Hart was interviewed recently upon the occasion of the formal opening of this facility. Please see the item here.

Also by the same author:

 International students and volunteering – a practical guide (2008)
Available here as a pdf file or to order copies, please go to good practice guides.

Who are the flowers in your garden?
By Julie New (edited by Caro Hart) released May 2012 available from


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