Services for charities & groups

You are flat-out delivering services to the clients – wouldn’t it be good sometimes to have that bit of extra help? The good thing about Franklin Hart Consultancy is that you only have to tell us once what’s needed. We understand what you’re going through.

    • We offer consultancy services for big initiatives and projects. Having Franklin-Hart involved can make these more effective and save a lot of money. We are also there for the “quick-fix” piece of work that you need in a hurry – see if our “light-touch” consultancy  product can help.
    • We run training courses on some of the essential skills of developing new services and of managing change. All these training courses can be delivered in-house to you if you have three or more potential participants or locally for you & a group of other organisations. (Please contact Caro Hart at to discuss booking this.)
    • We are specialists in change proofing™; helping to get your organisation fit to withstand the coming changes. We give talks and put on workshops to in-house groups on this. We are launching a two-day course on Change Proofing™ covering the issues in more depth in early 2013.  We have also produced a change proofing™ tool-kit which gives you several templates and checklists to use.
    • We produce publications on several of  these issues including free briefings and other material. The publications page has the details.

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If you have any thoughts on the sorts of help an organisation like yours might need, tell us in the comments box below.


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