Training development

A good training programme can make the organisation more attractive to volunteers, it can help drive up standards, making the service better value for money and more attractive to funders. Having a robust programme is fundamental to surviving change. Franklin Hart Consultancy can help ensure that your training supports your work.

Some ways in which Franklin-Hart can help with training could be:

– Where new volunteer roles are being developed, we can write courses to make them really effective (please see the case-study below)
– We bring ideas and skills you may not have in-house on new ways of delivering training
– We can train staff and volunteers to deliver courses as part of a cascade programme
– We can co-ordinate the sourcing of training from a variety of organisations or specialists so that the best value for money is gained

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Case Study: Updating volunteer befriender training for a new era

For a medium-sized national charity I managed the development of a totally new set of training courses. This was in response to a range of issues:

  • At a time of change for the organisation, the volunteers needed to be involved in the new vision
  • With new services, several new volunteer roles were being designed
  • Against nationwide delivery of services, few standard expectations were then in place

My team and I, worked across departments, to design a modular series of trainings, delivered via a range of media to be as flexible as possible. All workshops had common key messages and themes. Courses were designed to be delivered locally, by staff and trained volunteers, with national support.

I have almost thirty years of experience or writing and delivering training courses across a variety of media. CMH

What do you think is the most important aspect of volunteer training programmes? Please use the comment box below to let us know.


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