Managing change

All change needs to be managed; everyone needs to know what’s going on, decision-making needs to be clear and timely, key stakeholders must be consulted and so on. However, when it’s happening in the context of a busy organisation, it can be very challenging. Sound familiar?

Involving Franklin-Hart can be crucial to the process of managing change:

– We can take an objective look at the situation and to guide the organisation through exercises such as SWOT (What are our strengths and weaknesses? Where are the opportunities and threats?)
– We can help the organisation to take a clear hard look at its mission, values and the needs you are serving
– We can bring skills and knowledge to the process of developing a new service; consulting the beneficiaries of the service and other stakeholders; writing new procedures and policies
– We can help ensure that monitoring systems are put in place right from the start that will capture the data needed to evaluate the success of the project

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Case Study: Making change happen for a charity on a down-turn

I worked at a small charity working with international students at a time when the level of visits made by international students to British volunteer families (and hence a large part of the charity’s income) was falling fast. Fewer Universities were signing up to the charity’s services and those that did were not publicising the service effectively to their international students.

  • I started a UK-wide marketing campaign to re-build relationships in the sector with new materials and did a lot of networking
  • I put in place a programme of “British afternoon teas” during freshers’ week at our member Universities to tell incoming international students about the service; delivered by local volunteers
  • I diversified the income base; working with new funders and with the growing number of private universities

I was also careful to manage the changes; I re-launched a newsletter so that the 2,000 volunteers nationally knew what was going on and could get involved; I made sure all the stakeholders were clear on what changes were happening and why; I celebrated the achievements of volunteers and staff who exemplified the changes.

In the first year, alone, the Charity’s income grew by 30% against a 25% target. CMH

What do you think are the key things to managing changes effectively? Let us have your thoughts below.


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