Consultancy charges

Franklin Hart Consultancy undertakes projects to your exact specifications, quoting on a per diem basis. However, for smaller organisations or little pieces of work, a light touch fixed fee type of consultancy may be more appropriate.

For all projects, the work plan and quotation need to be agreed, and a formal contract signed, before work commences.

In the first instance, we would expect to discuss your requirements with key people in an organisation. From that we will produce a work plan together with costings for that piece of work, making clear what is included in the price. Work is costed by units of a half day. (Travel expenses and out-of-pocket expenses relating to the project will be included in the quotation as an approximate figure.)

The daily rate varies depending on the size of the organisation as follows:

    • Charity or community group income under £10,000 pa is £100 per day
    •  Small organisation with income of between £10,000 pa and £250,000 is £150 per day
    • Registered charity income between £250,000 & £5m pa is £250 per day
    • Larger registered charity, company or other organisation; price per project

For pieces of work across less than two months, the full amount will be invoiced at the end of the project. For those lasting longer, there will be monthly invoices of work and expenses to date. All invoices should be paid within 30 days into the bank account specified on the invoice.

There is the opportunity for some free work where the project is unusual or no resources are initially available. Please enquire to

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