Change proofing™ Tool-kit

These resources are about helping your organisation to become stronger and better able to withstand the changes that will inevitably come your way. It is about preparing yourselves to seize opportunities and to reduce the impact of negative changes through being one step ahead.

We have developed this model from years of experience with helping charities to change, mixed in with a dose of project theory. We don’t see any point in busy people having to constantly re-invent the wheel and so we have gathered together some of the ways of working and templates that we have found useful. Some we have developed or adapted and some we have “re-cycled”.

Using a detailed checklist for each element of change proofing™ so that you can assess exactly what you need to do, it contains the following tools:


  • Three year plan template
  • SMART Goals
  • SWOT
  • Annual Plan template
  • STEP Analysis

Risk Management:

  • Brief on risk analysis & risk management strategy
  • Risk management strategy template
  • Brief on business contingency planning
  • Disaster file checklist

Networking and influencing:

  • Stakeholder analysis – exercise
  • Networking follow-up sheet


  • Consultation hierarchy – diagram
  • Communications Matrix template
  • ICT review checklist

Skills and knowledge:

  • Trustee skills analysis template
  • Individual training plan template
  • Change proofing™ skills checklist
  • Updating volunteer training programme checklist

Order your copy now:

This toolkit is available in a pdf file which we will e-mail to you (please allow 24 hours for receipt)  or in a printed booklet (please allow 3-5 working days for delivery). You can also order all of the templates in a handy word document for immediate use and a model risk analysis with the main areas  completed. To order go to our page on Eventbrite where you can pay by credit card, paypal or request an invoice. When booking, please select today’s date to “attend”.

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