Change proofing™

Having the ability to manage change when it happens is good. Having the skills, systems and relationships in place beforehand, is better. Organisations should ensure that they are in a position to take advantage of opportunities and that the impact of major change is minimised. You should consider taking the time to change proof™ your organisation.


We have produced an in-depth questionnaire which will help you to identify areas of your organisation which need work. Each of the five elements of change proofing™ has a series of templates and guidance on ways of working. For full details of what is included and a link to the order form, click here.

What is change proofing™?

By change proofing™ we mean a systematic consideration of five inter-related elements of running an organisation and, in particular, a charity or community group. These are:

Governance – the planning cycle works efficiently, there is a strategy in place and devolved plans, the external environment is checked on a regular basis to anticipate change

Risks management – potential problems are identified, a risk management strategy worked out and these are regularly reviewed, the organisation has a business contingency plan

Networking and influencing – trustees and staff ensure that important relationships are maintained regularly

Communications channels are established – core messages are integrated in volunteer training programme – ICT infrastructure is flexible

Skills and knowledge to cope with change exist within the team, key people are particularly well supported and empowered – the crucial relationships work well – the volunteer training programme is regularly updated

Successful change proofing™ is balancing these elements into a strong whole. Franklin-Hart has developed this model from hands-on work with change in charities and from project theory. We are building up a body of experience in this area. Please see the programme of events for details of presentations in your area and related training.

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Events and courses:

We have designed a talk of 30 minutes and a more in-depth interactive workshop, either of which can be delivered at a local networking meeting. Email now for a booking.

In March 2013 we are running our first full training course on Change Proofing™.

For the cost of these, please see here.

Do you have experience of readying an organisation to face change? What were the big issues? What went right and what was more challenging? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

Note; Franklin-Hart has “trade marked” the concept of  change proofing because it is demonstrably unique in the sector market place as a model of managing change. This is designated by the symbol; ™. It is not, however, a legally registered trademark as yet which would be designated by; ®.


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